Decontamination Modules

Decontamination Modules

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Competence in CBRN: A complete package

For many years, Futuretech has been developing, testing and supplying tailor-made solutions for the effective defence of NBC attacks in urban and natural environments. The truckmounted TEP 90, the DECOCONTAIN 3000 GDS or JSTDS – products, in which the protection of people and the environment is the focal point.

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AMGDS 1000

Application module for GDS 2000 decontamination solution


AMGDS 2000

Application module with integrated tank for GDS 2000 decontamination solution







Highly mobile rescue and decontamination system for one person


HWM 35 C

Hot water modul for the production of hot water, e.g. for shower systems.

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Independent, multi-pupose decontamination system for universal application 


HD 1200

Mobile and capsuled cold water high-pressure cleaner.