Founded in 1968, our company has adopted the mission of being a pioneer and example in the medical device industry. Our basic principle is to act with full responsibility from pre-market to post-market processes in all products we manufacture or distribute, with the devoted participation of all our employees and the strong support of our managers. Within this framework, we aim for one hundred percent customer satisfaction by fully adhering to the principles of product and patient safety, environmental awareness and sustainability.

Our quality management system, established in accordance with this objective, is implemented with reference to the international standards ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and the regulations 93/42/EEC MDD, 2017/745 MDR and FDA.

Our company has adopted the principle of bringing quality understanding and responsibility awareness to all employees through continuous training activities. These programs, including technical training, are aimed at continuous quality improvement, cost reduction, and standardization of production speed. Our goal is to become a pioneer in the domestic market by increasing our competitiveness in the market, and to become a recognized brand abroad by expanding our presence in the markets we serve.

As Ertunç Özcan, our quality policy that we have created in line with our vision to achieve the goals we have set is as follows;

  • To increase our customers' interest in using domestic products by minimizing foreign dependency in the field of medical devices,
  • To meet customer requirements in a timely and complete manner; to periodically evaluate customer perceptions and expectations and to continuously improve service quality within the limits of our resources,
  • To continuously improve product quality and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in a manner that maximizes customer satisfaction and to manage resources in the most effective manner to achieve this goal,
  • To implement a management system in full compliance with national and international laws and regulations in our field of activity,
  • To identify and control the risks that may arise in the process of creating products and services, acting in accordance with national laws and regulations on occupational health and safety,
  • To develop new projects to provide added value to the sector by promoting innovation.