MOLDOVA Komrat Hospital

Ertunç ÖZCAN, one of the pioneers of medical device production in Turkey, is one of the Turnkey Delivery Projects,

Moldova has 100 beds in the Gagauz region supply of medical equipment for a hospital has been realized.

LEBANON Trauma - Emergency Hospital Sayda Hospital

Installation of a central sterilization unit.

SUDAN JUBA Juba Turk Hospital Juba Teaching Hospital

Medical device supply.

PAKISTAN Dokuz Hastane / Nine Hospitals

Pakistan: Haydarabad 2 hospitals, Islamad 1 Hospital, Qeta 1 hospital, Lahore 1 hospital, These hospitals, Peshawar 1 hospitals medical equipment supplied

SOMALIA Mogadishu Somalia Turkey Training and Research Hospital

Somalia 200-bed hospital medical equipment and furnishing business. Within the scope of the project, Somalia's first MRI machine was delivered.

  • 200 bed capacity
  • 4 Operating Rooms
  • 1 Maternity ward
  • 12-Bed ICU intensive care unit
  • 25-Bed NICU
  • 4 traging units
  • 24-Bed Emergency Response Unit
  • Center and Emergency Laboratories
  • MRI, Mammography, Tomography, X-ray and Ultrasound Device
  • Sterilization Units
  • Oxygen Generation System
  • Dialysis Unit
Ertunç Özcan Anahtar Teslim projeler